• I was extra blessed having Dr. Steve do my left knee in July and now in January my right knee — as a grandma of 15 I need to be ready to play !!!! Dr. Steve was extra careful (an extra stress fracture added to the mix) on my first knee. Conservative, trying shots and therapy first, arthroscopic knee surgery went great — both times went to funerals the next day on crutches – he was punctual for all the visits; clear explanations before and after; even photos to understand better what had transpired – would recommend in a heartbeat !!! and now hope to get my husband there because Dr. Steve is an expert in shoulders too !!!!!!

    By - Madge E
  • I was transferred to the Greater Chicago area three years ago from South Georgia. I had a complications on my right shoulder from a previous operation I had had years earlier. I did not know any physicians in the area, especially Orthopedic Surgeons. I knew I had to do some research, to see who would be best suited to handle this operation for me. I researched Physician after Physician and one doctor kept coming up, his name was Dr. Steven Levin. I schedule a visit at his office only for him to confirm what I knew, I needed additional work on my Right Shoulder, somehow had injured it again. We scheduled the surgery and moved forward that was three years ago. Since that time I recently have had problems with my left shoulder and I knew there was only one Specialist to see, Dr. Levin! Time after time his professionalism has not wavered, Dr Levin has operated on me three times! I find him to be extremely professional. He is very proficient and skilled as a surgeon, it is no wonder with his training he is recognized as one of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in the Chicagoland Area. He also carries a very caring attitude, a kind demeanor, a great sense of humor and a staff that is always willing to help. What truly impressed me the most is that he listened to what I had to say. I feel he understands his patients concerns! With each operation he explained the procedure thoroughly and made sure I understood. He puts forth a reasonable expectation on what to expect during my healing process and let me know what I can and cannot do during that time. He is a Doctor that can understand and relate to his patients! I would tremendously recommend Dr. Steven Levin as your Orthopedic Surgeon!

    By - Charlie S
  • It was two winters ago now that I was walking into surgery to get my shoulder fixed. The end result of what I am now able to do because of it is astonishing. I never thought it would ever become this strong again. When I was in a sling shortly after surgery all I could do was sit, so I started sitting on a stability ball to balance and stimulate my core. I already had the idea in my head of what I wanted to do, but I just couldn’t do it yet. After surgery, sitting on that ball every day allowed me the opportunity to develop the base for what you see in the video. I have written a 567 page instructional manual for all skill levels. THe program takes functional core and balance intensive movements performed on the ground, and introduces various pieces of “unstable” equipment to help increase the level of core engagement. I have recently launched a fundraiser to raise the money to publish the manual and also hire a film crew to film and create the corresponding interactive instructional DVD. Anyone that donates gets a reward in the form of physical product, so it’s not a one-sided fundraiser. You were an integral part in making this happen. This series of events and their timing led me to where I am now. And a functioning shoulder is a large part of that. Thanks again for the new shoulder. It’s pretty great. I will try to stop by for a visit this Christmas break. Here is the link for the fundraiser. If you choose to donate, wonderful. But don’t feel like you need to. The best thing you can do is share the fundraising page with people who you think would be interested in learning this new form of core intensive exercise.

    By - Danny Weiland
  • Dr. Levin prevented an unnecessary rotator cuff surgery that another doctor recommended. He prescribed physical therapy and after one month, I have improved tremendously! He took his time and listened to my concerns. Dr. Levin answered all questions promptly and accurately, even drawing pictures when appropriate. Dr. Levin will continue to be my “go to” doctor and I recommend him highly!

    By - J. Moran
  • Dr. Levin has completed successful shoulder surgery (4 years ago) and knee surgery (1 year ago) on me. Both procedures corrected long standing problems I had and I was very happy with the results, with Dr. Levin and with his entire office. I give him my highest rating! You cannot do better.

    By - Kenneth S Hazlett
  • My name is Brian Thompson and I am a Strength and Conditioning Specialist working in the city of Chicago. I am also a former Linebacker from Texas A&M University. Because of the trauma from my years playing football for the Aggies and my personal strength and conditioning regimen, my shoulder has been put under a lot of stress. Many of the doctor’s I have gone to in the past have recommended surgery right away but when I met with Dr. Levin he suggested surgery as a last resort. I spoke to him at length about what I was training for in the weight room and what my conditioning goals were and he suggested changing up the regimen and build myself back up again through physical therapy. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. My shoulders are completely pain free and I am now training for the Chicago TOUGH MUDDER. Thank you Dr. Levin for all of your help.

    By - Brian Thompson
  • Four years ago I had an MRI on my left shoulder and was told I needed a total shoulder replacement, to much damage in the joint to repair. I had never met any one who had this procedure and put it off for 3 years. I went to Dr. Levin a year ago and he replaced the shoulder and he gave me my life back! I have full range of motion within 3 degrees of my other shoulder! The rehab was long but SO worth the work. This wonderful man has golden hands and I will forever be indebted to him for making me whole again.

    By - Angie A
  • Dr Levin is a good doctor. He is compassionate, caring and takes time to listen and makes his patient feel that he or she is the only one he is concerned about at the time of appt. He does not seem in a hurry to get to the next patient. I am happy I am his patient.

    By - JoAnn Minear
  • In November 2011, Dr. Levin diagnosed me with rotator cuff tears in both shoulders. We discussed the procedure to repair the tears and then the sequence of treatment. Based on the relative pain, I opted to have the left shoulder repaired first. This was done in January 2012. The surgery went very well. Physical therapy, through North Shore University Health System, went well and I regained 100% of the use of the left shoulder. Consequently, in December 2012, I had the right shoulder repaired by Dr. Levin. Physical Therapy continues on it. Throughout the past 16 months or so, Dr. Levin has explained my problems to me as well as the mechanics of the repair. He has encouraged me to participate fully in my physical therapy so as to enjoy a full quality of life. Without his knowledge, skill and inspiration, I might have suffered pain and limited mobility for the rest of my life. I have already referred him to two acquaintances at my health club who have shoulder soreness similar to mine before I was diagnosed. Thank you Dr. Levin. Michael A. LaTona, Northfield, IL

    By - Michael A. LaTona
  • I have have had some arthritis in my knees for a few years now. The first time I visited Dr. Levin he spent about an hour with me, examining me, taking films, going over X-rays and initiating therapy. He has consistently counseled against surgery until absolutely necessary, and I appreciate this. I hope the artifical joing fluid injections keep working for many years to come!

    By - Ben Katz
  • For as mangled as my shoulder was going into surgery, I never imagined I would regain the function that I currently have right now. I am able to walk on my hands again less than one year after a Global Labrum Tear in addition to rotator cuff damage. Dr. Levin was very clear about the procedure and its risks and estimated time for recovery. He communicated very well with me throughout the entire process. He provided me with the accurate information I needed to heal properly on my own. I never had any concerns about healing due to the confidence and understanding Dr. Levin has in his field of work. His staff was always prompt, courteous, and friendly. They were very professional in all of their interactions with me. They were honest with the severity of my condition and what it would take to regain function of my shoulder. I adhered to those specific guidelines and now I have regained full function of my shoulder in just over a year from the surgery. I can swim, climb, and walk on my hands. Dr. Levin and his staff did not just fix my shoulder, they laid the groundwork for me to regain my life. They fixed my spirit and I will be forever grateful to them. I went into this process and received the best medical care of my twenty-eight years of living, and came out a brand new shoulder and two new highly qualified friends (Steven and Tracey).

    By - Daniel J. Weiland
  • I saw Dr. Levin for two separate procedures. The first was for a proximal hamstring avulsion. He and his staff were fully engaged, and ensured that the repair of this somewhat rare injury were a priority. Dr. Levin ensured that I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. He expedited my surgery to ensure it was completed as quickly as possible and was my guide through a difficult rehab process. The second procedure was to repair a severely torn shoulder labrum and rotator cuff, an area where Dr. Levin is an expert. He made an accurate diagnosis, presented my with all of my options to include surgical and non-surgical. He is at the forefront of new technology on these repairs, and performed surgery in February. Throughout this process, Dr. Levin always had my best interests at heart, and kept me completely informed. Surgery went extremely well and now Dr. Levin is guiding me through the rehab process. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Levine to anyway faced with the tough decision to undergo orthopedic surgery.

    By - David Twohig
  • Did background check prior to visit. Dr. Levin is USA National Rugby Team Physician. He won prestigious 2012 Neer Award for best shoulder surgery research. He trained at same place as famed sports medicine physician James Andrews, at Hughtston Clinic. That was enough for me. He surgically fixed my shoulder after prior surgeries by other docs and now I play rugby again pain free without ever having to worry about it dislocating.

    By - Steven