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  • Action Is The Name of His Game

    An avid handball player and athlete himself, Dr. Levin has a keen understanding of sports injuries and the best care options available. For Rivera, he recommended a total shoulder replacement.

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  • I’m honoring Dr. Levin on Doctors’ Day. Who will you honor?

    It started three years ago when my right shoulder was in so much pain that I couldn’t swing a golf club or raise my arm above my shoulder. Dr. Levin identified that I developed a rotator cuff tear arthropathy, a type of degenerative arthritis. I was worried I’d have to give up all the activities I love.

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  • The gift Dr. Levin gave me was more than just a shoulder. He gave me my life back.

    Weiland’s MRI revealed the vast, multidirectional labrum tear. “There was no question he needed surgery,” said Dr. Levin. “It was one of the most extensive repairs I’ve ever done.”

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  • Shoulder Pain and Injury: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

    Shoulder pain and injuries can have multiple causes, such as athletics, overuse, acute trauma and arthritis. Don’t ignore the pain. Playing through or waiting for the pain to subside could make the pain or injury worse and potentially result in long-term negative effects. Steven D. Levin, MD, Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeon at NorthShore, answers questions on shoulder injuries, pain,and arthritis, including prevention, treatment and recovery. Submit your questions early.

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