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  • Women report more pain than men after knee replacement surgery, study shows

    Source: Science Daily

    One of the biggest concerns of patients considering knee replacement is the amount of pain they will have after surgery. Although it is a very successful operation overall to relieve arthritis pain and restore function, persistent postoperative pain can be a problem for some individuals. Researchers determined which patients were at highest risk for increased postoperative pain based on demographic and surgical variables.

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  • Select rheumatoid arthritis patients can safely undergo same-day double knee replacement

    Source: Medical News Today

    Same-day bilateral knee replacement surgery is safe for select patients with rheumatoid arthritis, researchers from Hospital for Special Surgery in New York have found. Generally, patients with an inflammatory systemic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are sicker than patients with the degenerative condition osteoarthritis (OA), says senior study author Mark Figgie, M.D., chief of the Surgical Arthritis Service at Hospital for Special Surgery, and the hospital’s first Allan E. Inglis, MD, Chair in Surgical Arthritis.

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  • 82% of college football players return to field after ACL surgery, shows study

    Source: News Medical

    High-level college football players frequently return to the field after an ACL reconstruction, according to research presented today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Specialty Day. The study added to earlier research by exploring specific factors that affected return to play, including player standing on rosters and year in school.

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  • Kids Who Played Sports Made Healthy Food Choices

    Source: Daily Rx

    Playing a sport is a healthy physical activity for kids, but does it promote healthy food and drink choices as well? Over 75 percent of boys and 69 percent of girls in middle elementary grades play sports. It has already been shown that high school kids who play sports eat more fruits and vegetables than those who don’t play sports, but food and drink habits in elementary kids who play sports have not been well studied.

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  • Brain-training game improves vision and success of baseball players

    Source: Medical News Today

    In baseball, vision can play a key role in a player’s success. If they have trouble seeing the ball, chances are they could be out after three strikes. But new research from the University of California, Riverside, suggests that a brain-training video game could help to improve the vision of baseball players and, in turn, help them win more games.

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