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Daniel J. Weiland's Story

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      Comments: For as mangled as my shoulder was going into surgery, I never imagined I would regain the function that I currently have right now. I am able to walk on my hands again less than one year after a Global Labrum Tear in addition to rotator cuff damage. Dr. Levin was very clear about the procedure and its risks and estimated time for recovery. He communicated very well with me throughout the entire process. He provided me with the accurate information I needed to heal properly on my own. I never had any concerns about healing due to the confidence and understanding Dr. Levin has in his field of work. His staff was always prompt, courteous, and friendly. They were very professional in all of their interactions with me. They were honest with the severity of my condition and what it would take to regain function of my shoulder. I adhered to those specific guidelines and now I have regained full function of my shoulder in just over a year from the surgery. I can swim, climb, and walk on my hands. Dr. Levin and his staff did not just fix my shoulder, they laid the groundwork for me to regain my life. They fixed my spirit and I will be forever grateful to them. I went into this process and received the best medical care of my twenty-eight years of living, and came out a brand new shoulder and two new highly qualified friends (Steven and Tracey).