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Michael A. LaTona's Story

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      Comments: In November 2011, Dr. Levin diagnosed me with rotator cuff tears in both shoulders. We discussed the procedure to repair the tears and then the sequence of treatment. Based on the relative pain, I opted to have the left shoulder repaired first. This was done in January 2012. The surgery went very well. Physical therapy, through North Shore University Health System, went well and I regained 100% of the use of the left shoulder. Consequently, in December 2012, I had the right shoulder repaired by Dr. Levin. Physical Therapy continues on it. Throughout the past 16 months or so, Dr. Levin has explained my problems to me as well as the mechanics of the repair. He has encouraged me to participate fully in my physical therapy so as to enjoy a full quality of life. Without his knowledge, skill and inspiration, I might have suffered pain and limited mobility for the rest of my life. I have already referred him to two acquaintances at my health club who have shoulder soreness similar to mine before I was diagnosed. Thank you Dr. Levin. Michael A. LaTona, Northfield, IL