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      It was two winters ago now that I was walking into surgery to get my shoulder fixed. The end result of what I am now able to do because of it is astonishing. I never thought it would ever become this strong again. When I was in a sling shortly after surgery all I could do was sit, so I started sitting on a stability ball to balance and stimulate my core. I already had the idea in my head of what I wanted to do, but I just couldn’t do it yet. After surgery, sitting on that ball every day allowed me the opportunity to develop the base for what you see in the video. I have written a 567 page instructional manual for all skill levels. THe program takes functional core and balance intensive movements performed on the ground, and introduces various pieces of “unstable” equipment to help increase the level of core engagement. I have recently launched a fundraiser to raise the money to publish the manual and also hire a film crew to film and create the corresponding interactive instructional DVD. Anyone that donates gets a reward in the form of physical product, so it’s not a one-sided fundraiser. You were an integral part in making this happen. This series of events and their timing led me to where I am now. And a functioning shoulder is a large part of that. Thanks again for the new shoulder. It’s pretty great. I will try to stop by for a visit this Christmas break. Here is the link for the fundraiser. If you choose to donate, wonderful. But don’t feel like you need to. The best thing you can do is share the fundraising page with people who you think would be interested in learning this new form of core intensive exercise.