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      Comments: I was transferred to the Greater Chicago area three years ago from South Georgia. I had a complications on my right shoulder from a previous operation I had had years earlier. I did not know any physicians in the area, especially Orthopedic Surgeons. I knew I had to do some research, to see who would be best suited to handle this operation for me. I researched Physician after Physician and one doctor kept coming up, his name was Dr. Steven Levin. I schedule a visit at his office only for him to confirm what I knew, I needed additional work on my Right Shoulder, somehow had injured it again. We scheduled the surgery and moved forward that was three years ago. Since that time I recently have had problems with my left shoulder and I knew there was only one Specialist to see, Dr. Levin! Time after time his professionalism has not wavered, Dr Levin has operated on me three times! I find him to be extremely professional. He is very proficient and skilled as a surgeon, it is no wonder with his training he is recognized as one of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in the Chicagoland Area. He also carries a very caring attitude, a kind demeanor, a great sense of humor and a staff that is always willing to help. What truly impressed me the most is that he listened to what I had to say. I feel he understands his patients concerns! With each operation he explained the procedure thoroughly and made sure I understood. He puts forth a reasonable expectation on what to expect during my healing process and let me know what I can and cannot do during that time. He is a Doctor that can understand and relate to his patients! I would tremendously recommend Dr. Steven Levin as your Orthopedic Surgeon!