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      Comments: Dr. Steven Levin doesn't need any marketing or anything to propagandize & promote his career. He is an established orthopedic surgeon. People already know about his professionalism and his knowledge. Needless to say that he is master of his skill. What people may not know that he is PROFOUNDLY COMPASSIONATE. For him his patient & successful surgery is very important but even more than that the PERSON is most important. He connects with the person's core & the person becomes full of gratitude & indebtedness to Dr. Levin for life. I am the mother of one such person. My son a basketball player had ACL tear and other issues with his knee and was getting a run around from everyone due to his immigration issues. Dr. Levin took the entire case in his able hands and got surgery scheduled right away whereas it could have taken 6-8 months. Successful surgery was performed and my son is back in school and will be playing by Fall. God bless him & his family. Thank you so much!