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      Comments: I cannot recommend Dr. Steven Levin too highly! As a professional pianist and university music professor my hands, arms and shoulders are my livelihood. I had been experiencing pain in my left shoulder for years, and always assumed it was a result of my long hours at the piano. My primary care physician sent me to Dr. Levin, whom she described as “the shoulder guy”! Dr. Levin diagnosed calcific tendonitis in my shoulder and explored non-surgical treatments, none of which eased my symptoms. An MRI scan revealed that the calcium buildup was very large and had probably damaged the tendons of my rotator cuff. Dr. Levin recommended arthroscopic surgery to remove the calcium and repair any damage. I was terrified of the idea and fixated on the disruption to my career. The doctor did an excellent job of calming me down and explained why this was my best treatment option. The surgery was a great success, thanks to Dr. Levin! He removed the extensive calcium buildup, shaved a bone spur and repaired a small tear to my rotator cuff. Dr. Levin and his excellent physician assistant, Lindsey Dolezal, saw me two days after surgery. They checked my post-surgical shoulder mobility, explained the surgery in detail (with fascinating photographs that show whole operation) and detailed the recovery process to me. Thankfully, my recovery went very smoothly. I did exactly as they told me with regards to care of my shoulder, including not playing the piano with my left hand for almost four weeks. I then had seven weeks of PT with the terrific Sean McInerney at Evanston Athletic Club. I am delighted to say that playing the piano is physically easier for me than it has been in years. I assumed that I would manage pain and discomfort for the remainder of my career. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Levin and his team I was mistaken!