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      I saw Dr. Levin for a 2nd opinion on my shoulder. My original surgeon recommended surgery but I was skeptical. I had a friend who blew out her ACL playing division 1 volleyball and Dr. Levin operated on her and she was back playing at an even higher level less than 1 year later. He spent a great dea...

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      Dr. Levin is the best. He goes above and beyond to discuss his findings, the various treatment options and what you can expect with each. His main goal was to make sure that I was satisfied with whatever course of treatment I elected, either conservative, or surgical. I have treated both ways with h...

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      Being referred to Dr. Levin and the NorthShore University Ortho team has been the best experience of my life! He has put me back into action as I am an athletic senior! The shoulder reversal replacement is a success and I am pain free! All of the appointments are ahead of the scheduled time, no lag ...

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      Dr. Steven Levin is a professional that accurately lays out the procedure and explains the limitations and your expected prognosis. you leave informed and empowered to deal with your situation. you are there for a problem.. i feel dr. levin can accurately resolve any medical situation.

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      Dr Levin did the surgery to replace my shoulder and I have had no problems from the surgery or with the recovery, in fact my shoulder has not felt this good in years. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Dr Levin and his staff. Highly recommend.

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      Dr. Levin did an excellent job in diagnosing my orthopedic injury. Excellent follow up!

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      Dr. Levin saw me for a shoulder injury. He determined it was a "frozen" shoulder and prescribed therapy. He followed up with me, through the therapist, to make sure the process was helping and I was progressing as I should be. After my weeks of therapy, Dr. Levin gave me recommendations for a contin...

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      Great doctor! Very great follow through, feedback and knowledgeable.

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      Dr. Levin was BEYOND accommodating, friendly, generous, and comforting, and I highly recommend him.

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      Dr. Levin is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful person. Highly, highly recommend!

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