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      Dr. Steven Levin doesn't need any marketing or anything to propagandize & promote his career. He is an established orthopedic surgeon. People already know about his professionalism and his knowledge. Needless to say that he is master of his skill. What people may not know that he is PROFOUNDLY COMPA...

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      2 weeks ago I came in to see Dr. Steven Levin with severe pain in my right shoulder. After completing an xray Dr. Levin diagnosed the problem as Calcific Tendinitis in my right shoulder. After a cortisone shot and 2 weeks of physical therapy, my shoulder is back to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Lev...

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      If it weren't for Dr. Steven Levin, I would be disabled in my left arm. His superb surgical skills reattached two rotator cuff muscles in a difficult operation. Thanks to him, and to a terrific Physical Therapist (and my own diligence!), my left arm is functional, actually almost normal.

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      Dr. Levin has provided orthopedic care for both my shoulder and knee. He is a caring and dedicated physician who is incredible skilled. He made an accurate diagnosis for both my shoulder and my knee and provided options with detailed explanations. My shoulder was treated successfully with non surgic...

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      I have had both shoulders repaired by Dr, Levin and as promised he was professional. focused and successful, I would definitly recommend him for shoulder surgery.

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      I scheduled an appt to see Dr.. Levin when my shoulder started hurting. I am a competitive handball and raquetball player. He treated me very well, helped me avoid surgery and most importantly, made me feel better. I recommend him and his great staff to any of your orthopedic issues.

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      Dr. Levin operated on a torn meniscus in my knee and later a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder, both of which have healed really well. Now I have a badly torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder, and of course I've returned to him to deal with it. He really is the best!

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      I've had the fortune/misfortune of spending a lot of time with orthopedic surgeons. Special operations Army and years of elite athletics have taken their toll. Dr. Levin has fixed both of my shoulders and I am back to the same standard I experienced in my 20's. If your goal is to get back to a high ...

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      Dr. Levin is one of the finest physicians I have had the please to meet. I have known him for years when he first treated my son who needed a surgical repair of both shoulders. He takes the time required to help you understand your options and the risks/benefits of both. I would highly recommend Dr....

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      Some of the handball players at our Lattof Ymca have had Dr. Levin repair their problem shoulders. I went to him with my problem after I felt a rip during a game and couldn't sleep or move it much. He took all the time to clearly show me what was wrong and how surgery was the best option for 100% re...

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