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      Dr. Levin was professional, courteous, and reassuring. Highly recommend!!!

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      Excellent MD. Committed and very precise. Knows his skills very well and is very disciplined and committed to health care. Wonderful guy

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      Dr. levin was simply outstanding. I had a stiff shoulder for months. No other orthopaedic surgeon could properly diagnose my problem. I heard he was the USA Rugby Team Physician so I figured if he was taking care of elite athletes he would be great to consult with. Turns out I was right. He prescrib...

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      It has now been 10 months since Dr. Levin performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee and I am astounded at the results. I have been pain free ever since the operation and have been able to resume all activities I had quit prior to the surgery. An excellent surgeon who provided his services at the hig...

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      Very knowledgeable. Avoids any unnecessary surgeries. Great staff and office. State of the art technology and equipment. I would recommend him to others for sure.

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      Dr. Levin was the most caring physician I have ever non. He fixed my shoulder after it was misdiagnosed by another surgeon. He revised my labrum and now I can again play volleyball at a high level. I recommend him to anyone with a sports injury.

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      Back in 2010' Dr.Levin replaced my right shoulder. To date I've done very well. Now I have an issue with my left - potential tear...pending MRI results. I look forward again in seeing Dr. Levin complete this repair too. Thank you.

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      Dr. Levin performed ACL surgery on me with state of the art all inside technique. I had minimal scars and back to contact sports in 9 months feeling great! Knee is stable and strong. I was referred by a friend who also did outstanding after Dr. Levin performed his surgery. Simply the best!

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      Steve is a wonderful guy and a no nonsense doctor. He suggested that with the severity of my meniscus tear that physical therapy alone would not provide me with a satisfactory solution. Other's concurred. Surgery was scheduled a week later at an outpatient surgical center on Erie Street and that was...

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      Dr. Levin was outstanding! He did a complex revision arthroscopic procedure on my throwing shoulder. He corrected a procedure that failed from a different surgeon and basically resurrected my career as a collegiate pitcher. I am so glad I met him, he actually changed my life. He explained everything...

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