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      I really liked the everyone on Dr. Kevin's team!

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      Dr. Levin was very pleasant. He was very thorough in his examination and provided an immediate plan for next steps.

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      He's a man of few words, but his skill in the O/R is first rate.

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      I have recommended many times

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      Blew out my ACL playing D1 football. Researched Dr. Steven Levin; Northwestern grad, USA Rugby doc, Tournament Handball player himself so had him do my surgery. Used patella tendon autograft and back playing stronger than ever. Pushed me hard in post-op rehab as if I were his son. He takes it person...

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      Blew out my ACL playing D1 football. Researched Dr. Steven Levin; Northwestern grad, USA Rugby doc, Tournament Handball Player himself. He did my surgery with patella tendon autograft. Back playing stronger than before as he pushed me hard in post-op rehab. Treated me like his son. Wouldn’t recomm...

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      I am a fellow handball player like Dr.Levin. I have had major issues with my knee. The time he took to explain the treatment and the results was very satisfying. He was very professional and answered all my questions. The results of my treatment was right on for what he explained to me. I am back to...

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      had surgery done on shoulder. surgery was performed on time. minimal pain afterword. would highly recommend.

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      Doctor looked at my X-ray and advised me not to have surgery. He went further and asked another doctor about his opinion and it was the same. Honest guy! Highly recommended!

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      I cannot recommend Dr. Steven Levin too highly! As a professional pianist and university music professor my hands, arms and shoulders are my livelihood. I had been experiencing pain in my left shoulder for years, and always assumed it was a result of my long hours at the piano. My primary care physi...

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