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      I have have had some arthritis in my knees for a few years now. The first time I visited Dr. Levin he spent about an hour with me, examining me, taking films, going over X-rays and initiating therapy. He has consistently counseled against surgery until absolutely necessary, and I appreciate this. I ...

      Ben Katz

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      For as mangled as my shoulder was going into surgery, I never imagined I would regain the function that I currently have right now. I am able to walk on my hands again less than one year after a Global Labrum Tear in addition to rotator cuff damage. Dr. Levin was very clear about the procedure and i...

      Daniel J. Weiland

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      I saw Dr. Levin for two separate procedures. The first was for a proximal hamstring avulsion. He and his staff were fully engaged, and ensured that the repair of this somewhat rare injury were a priority. Dr. Levin ensured that I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. He expe...

      David Twohig

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      Did background check prior to visit. Dr. Levin is USA National Rugby Team Physician. He won prestigious 2012 Neer Award for best shoulder surgery research. He trained at same place as famed sports medicine physician James Andrews, at Hughtston Clinic. That was enough for me. He surgically fixed my s...


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