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      Dr. Levin is did an outstanding job on my shoulder. He explained everything better than the other orthopedic surgeons who had seen me first. I heard how wonderful he was and saw him for a second opinion. He was honest and thorough and educated me on my condition. I had several friends who had surger...

      Self-Verified Patient

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      I was extra blessed having Dr. Steve do my left knee in July and now in January my right knee — as a grandma of 15 I need to be ready to play !!!! Dr. Steve was extra careful (an extra stress fracture added to the mix) on my first knee. Conservative, trying shots and therapy first, arthroscopic kn...

      Madge E

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      I was transferred to the Greater Chicago area three years ago from South Georgia. I had a complications on my right shoulder from a previous operation I had had years earlier. I did not know any physicians in the area, especially Orthopedic Surgeons. I knew I had to do some research, to see who woul...

      Charlie S

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      It was two winters ago now that I was walking into surgery to get my shoulder fixed. The end result of what I am now able to do because of it is astonishing. I never thought it would ever become this strong again. When I was in a sling shortly after surgery all I could do was sit, so...

      Danny Weiland

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      Dr. Levin prevented an unnecessary rotator cuff surgery that another doctor recommended. He prescribed physical therapy and after one month, I have improved tremendously! He took his time and listened to my concerns. Dr. Levin answered all questions promptly and accurately, even drawing pictures whe...

      J. Moran

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      Dr. Levin has completed successful shoulder surgery (4 years ago) and knee surgery (1 year ago) on me. Both procedures corrected long standing problems I had and I was very happy with the results, with Dr. Levin and with his entire office. I give him my highest rating! You cannot do better.

      Kenneth S Hazlett

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      My name is Brian Thompson and I am a Strength and Conditioning Specialist working in the city of Chicago. I am also a former Linebacker from Texas A&M University. Because of the trauma from my years playing football for the Aggies and my personal strength and conditioning regimen, my shoulder has be...

      Brian Thompson

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      Four years ago I had an MRI on my left shoulder and was told I needed a total shoulder replacement, to much damage in the joint to repair. I had never met any one who had this procedure and put it off for 3 years. I went to Dr. Levin a year ago and he replaced the shoulder and he gave me my life bac...

      Angie A

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      Dr Levin is a good doctor. He is compassionate, caring and takes time to listen and makes his patient feel that he or she is the only one he is concerned about at the time of appt. He does not seem in a hurry to get to the next patient. I am happy I am his patient.

      JoAnn Minear

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      In November 2011, Dr. Levin diagnosed me with rotator cuff tears in both shoulders. We discussed the procedure to repair the tears and then the sequence of treatment. Based on the relative pain, I opted to have the left shoulder repaired first. This was done in January 2012. The surgery went very we...

      Michael A. LaTona

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