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      Dr. Steven D. Levin recently operated on my knee. I had a torn ACL, LCL & medial meniscus. I wanted the best Sports surgeon in Chicago & know he's the USA Rugby Team's Orthopaedic Surgeon. A friend who plays for the team strongly recommended him because he's compassionate, knowledgeable, and thoroug...

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    • Healthgrades 441706Healthgrades

      Still the best since he replaced my right total shoulder 2010

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    • Healthgrades 441705Healthgrades

      Dr Levin went outside of his focus area to notice an issue outside of his primary focus which may resulted in an incurable condition worsening instead of resulting in a favorable outcome. He went beyond to notice a mass in my lungs and insisted I take actions before he would consider shoulder surger...

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      I was referred by a colleague to Dr. Levin after I injured my knee playing a recreational sport. I was able to make an apt within days of my injury, so there was no long wait time to get in. Dr. Levin immediately diagnosed me with an ACL tear which was confirmed by a follow-up MRI. Dr. Levin exudes ...

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      Dr. Levin is forthright and an exceptional surgeon. My shoulder replacement and recovery went smoothly. If you want touchy feely you will be disappointed. If you want the truth straight out, this is the doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Levin.

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    • Healthgrades 441702Healthgrades

      My experience with Dr. Levin has been exceptional. I have had shoulder issues for 3-4 years and after my first consultation with him, I knew he was the right doctor for me. After seeing my MRI, Dr. Levin assured me he could take care of the problems in my shoulder. He said I would be able to resume ...

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      Dr. Levin helped me through my running injuries. He was very professional, thorough, and he did a great job explaining the nature of my injuries in a way that I could easily understand. He took a conservative approach to my treatment and stressed the importance of following through with my physical ...

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    • Healthgrades 441700Healthgrades

      Dr. Levin reconstructed my ACL after I tore it playing high school lacrosse. I’m now playing again above the level before I tore it. Dr. Levin is nothing short of amazing. I researched him out and noted he had a couple 1 star ratings. After working with Dr. Levin, those ratings had to be by disgru...

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      Outstanding physician. Dr. Levin was professional, caring and technically outstanding. He performed ACL surgery on my knee and got me back to full sports at a high level. Best surgeon ever and even a better person.

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      Words cannot describe how much this man has helped me with my knee issue. After battling a torn ACL for while i saw Dr. Levin and he was amazing to say the least. The man was respectful, courteous, and performed the surgery with excellence. Three weeks post op and my knee is already better than it w...

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